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Dr. Danielle Stetzel
Your Phoenix Chiropractor

I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work.

Tony Robbins has stated,

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary technologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever seen or experienced. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

Tony Robbins
Author and Peak Performance Coach

Anya Mann Video Testimonial

With Dr. Mike’s help I will be completely medication and pain free.

"I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica in August and was put on medication which allowed me to function again. Before medication it was extremely difficult to walk up and down stairs, to bend my legs was painful. It was extremely painful to lift my arms. I had a constant neck pain and lower back pain. I felt like a train wreck. In November I started working with Dr. Mike. I found there was so much tension and tightness in the areas that I was hurting. He was able to release that tension and tightness which allowed those areas of my body to heal. My rheumatologist was is so pleased with my progress that he is reducing the medications that I am on My hope is that someday in the not too distant future, with Dr. Mike’s help I will be completely medication and pain free."

- Marnee B.

Over time I noticed that the pain had virtually disappeared.

"When I first started my Chiropractic care with Dr. Soloman I was having difficulty walking. I was not able to turn my head. I was not able to stand up straight but bent sideways and my head was angled to one side. Additionally, I would not bend over. I would have to squat down whenever I would pick up anything and I would not pick up anything that looked like it might be 20 pounds or more. However, the worst part was that I was in pain at least three days a week. I have been using Chiropractic Care, massages, herbs, medical and any other type care available. Twice I had been told by Doctors that I was close to being on crutches. After the first visit with Dr. Soloman, I noticed that the pain was not as sever. Over time I noticed that the pain had virtually disappeared and I was starting to walk normal. Finally, I was starting to turn my head, stand up straighter, and was not bent like a pretzel. Py wife and I just got back from visiting the grandchildren. This was wonderful due to the fact that I was able to pick up the children and play with them! Put yourself in the care of Dr. Soloman and listen to him, and you will be on the road to recovery…fast!"

- Don M.

You have been a major player in my quest to de-stress and enjoy life!

"You have been a major player in my quest to de-stress and enjoy life! Since coming to you for treatments, I am experiencing life in a different way. It is hard to explain in words how much better I feel physically and emotionally. I enjoy the treatments, and also the quest, comfortable atmosphere that you create in your office. Meeting people, sipping a cup of tea, or just sitting down after a session is a luxurious experience. The day I had a “crick” in my right hip and was able to get to your office, it was totally gone after my treatment! I look forward to seeing you each week. Thank you!"

- Connie K.

In my opinion, this is the path that medicine needs to take in the West.

"I came to Network Care to be healed of my panic disorder. I tried getting off meds without success. Presently, I have weaned myself off meds and have experienced some amazing releases through Network. My original reason to use Network as a healing tool became secondary to the experience of personal growth, authenticity, and spirituality that Network has led me to. In my opinion, this is the path that medicine needs to take in the West."

- Lenore R.

I feel like I am finally experiencing the best of me.

"My experience with the Soloman Center and Network Care has truly improved my quality of life. I consider the ongoing entrainments I receive to be an invaluable tool in my wellness tool box. For me, it’s not only a matter of physical health maintenance, but an ongoing balancer of my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Specifically, in the past I was a very busy person, with a busy schedule and lots of activities;yet I never seemed to have much to show for all of my “busy”. My actions and activities were very draining to me and my life was a seesaw of being totally stressed and tense (busy busy) followed by being completely depleted, “wiped out” and depressed. I now enjoy the results of productive action in my life. I set goals for myself am able to accomplish what I have set out to do. My actions are no longer depleting. My mind is focused, an entrainment quickly helps me to release the unnecessary and bring all parts of me back “on-line”. I feel like I am finally experiencing the best of me and I credit Dr. Mike and Network Care for getting me here and keeping me here!"

- Suzanne W.

I am grateful to Dr. Mike for his encouragement, skill, and infinite knowledge.

"I had been observing my 84 year old mother receiving Network Chiropractic for fifteen years. Her stress levels reduced and her ability to interact with others was remarkable. When she was able to recover from a fall that resulted in fractures in her spine last year I was wowed along with her other health care providers. I joined her coming to The Soloman Center last year not for pain, but for the health benefits. After 3 months I recognized that I was driving slower. At 6 months I was not reacting to situations that ordinarily would set me off. And now I have discovered that I am no longer eating compulsively. This is huge because eating to extremes has been a part of my life forever, even after gastric bypass surgery twenty years ago. So today I am grateful to Dr. Mike for his encouragement, skill, and infinite knowledge. I can only look to the future with delight and joy."

- Gayle W.

Thanks Dr. Mike!

"I’ve been getting Chiropractic care for many years, but it was always treatment for the same issues. While I got temporary relief, I’d be back several months for the same problem. With NSA, I’m feeling like I’m truly making progress. I am standing taller, running with far less pain, and feeling calmer overall. Thanks Dr. Mike!"

- David W.

I am very grateful to Dr. Soloman for all he has done for me.

"I have been seeing Dr. Soloman for 5 weeks now. After my first three sessions, I noticed I was more relaxed, both physically and mentally. My craving for ice cream and other unhealthy foods were gone, and I no longer felt the need to watch TV at night (my usual method of decompressing from the day’s stressors). At one point during the treatments, a very stressful event happened. I was worried about losing our retirement money and I was completely overwhelmed by anxiety. But I went to see Dr. Soloman and after another treatment, the panic was gone. My husband was so impressed he became a patient after previously insisting he wasn’t interested. Now, I feel lighter, both physically (did I mention I lost weight?) and emotionally. I’m much more positive and have a great deal of motivation and energy which I definitely did not have before. I also have more patience which I’m very grateful for as I have three small children. I am very grateful to Dr. Soloman for all he has done for me and will continue to be a very satisfied patient for some time to come."

- Tara O.

No pain or headaches anymore.

"I used to go to Palmer Chiropractic to get “cracked”. My muscle tension always came back in a day or less, with pain and tension headaches. With Dr. Mike’s help, I can go inside my spine and do it myself, no crunching! No pain or headaches anymore, and I am able to reverse the onset of disabling migraines by myself…without drugs. YAY!!!"

- Elizabeth W.

I can “do it all” and still have a sense of peace and joy.

"Before I started Network Care I used to feel like one more straw would break the camel’s back all the time! Now I can. My racing mind has quieted down. I can sit at my desk all day without my back and neck aching. I have as much energy at the end of the day as I had at the beginning. I breathe deeper, I sleep better. My body is more limber, helping me to get so much more out of the workouts I do. Network is the only tool I have found that makes my overstuffed life possible. I can “do it all” and still have a sense of peace and joy. I call that a miracle."

- Cherrie S.

Your work is vital to me and to my family.

"Since beginning my NSA treatment with Dr. Mike, I have experienced many positive changes in my life. I have more energy, I sleep better, my moods don’t fluctuate like they used to, I have a much more positive outlook on life, and apparently, I’m much nice to be around! Before NSA, my family would often keep their distance from me, because they never knew what kind of mood I would be in, and even if I was in a good mood, that could change in a heartbeat and without warning! (Lookout!!!) Even my dog, Sammie would stick pretty close to my husband most of the time, probably because he has a very pleasant, easy going energy about him. After my first week of treatment, I noticed that my dog started following me everywhere. Whatever room in the house I was in, there she was, sitting or laying as close to me as possible. After a few more weeks, my teenage boys were no longer spending their evenings behind closed bedroom doors, but were spending more and more time with me, or simply around me. I started experimenting with this new dynamic…I would go sit int he den to read -my new shadow Sammie close at hand. Within a few minutes, my family would appear one by one. Soon, my husband would be sitting next to me, reading or tapping away on his laptop. One son might start playing with Sammie, while the other lay on the floor with his headphones on. After a while, I’d get up and go to the living room and put in a movie. Soon, here they all came, one by one, filling up the couch next to me. Next to ME! Wow! I have no doubt that NSA has changed my energy flow and decreased stress in my life. It hasn’t changed my circumstances, of course, but it has certainly helped change the way I react to situations. I no longer get “wound up” when life throws me a curve ball, and when I do get upset, I’m able to snap back much quicker, and just let it go. I am much more easy going and patient, and that has made all the difference in my relationships with my family members. To me, this is priceless. Thank you Dr. Mike for sharing your gift of creating health and wellness! Your work is vital to me and to my family. (Sammie says “Thank You too!)"

- Susan O.

It lets your body go to that special place.

"Since coming, I’ve found that it’s easier to focus. It’s like, when I’m entrained, it clears my thinking pattern. Then I can make the best decisions for myself and not have to work so hard. Things come together quicker. I’m also sleeping better because my mind is more relaxed. It lets your body go to that special place."

- R.A.

We worked together on the pain.

"I came to Dr. Mike a hurting individual. My pain was in my back especially in my tight shoulders. We worked together on the pain with Dr. Mike using the gentle touch and my body working out the tightness. Within six months I was playing golf and now I am playing tennis. Still I return regularly to stay free of pain."

- Joe B.

The energy connection with Dr. Mike has been so rewarding.

"I relocated to Phoenix on year ago. I was fortunate to have been receiving excellent NSA care in another state….my standards were high! Finding Dr. Mike has expanded my work with NSA to amazing levels. The energy connection with Dr. Mike has been so rewarding. I am able to focus and “stay” in my body during entrainments. The fuel (otherwise referred to as discomfort) in my body supports my system to reach for higher levels of awareness/connection. I have many hours (or days) of peaceful bliss.. am able to release tension/emotions much easier . I’m able to use NSA strategies to not stay “stuck” in my stuff. I know when I’m connected and aware that I make the choice. True joy and happiness are available to all through Network Care. I’m focused on self..high level of activity (yoga, pilates, tai chi, etc) Not reacting to environment (or the people in it!) Network is truly a process…not a quick fix. Each practice member needs to be open and willing to do the work. Enjoy the journey!"

- Barb L.

My posture has improved dramatically.

"My posture has improved dramatically. Low back pain is nearly a thing of the past. I am now sleeping better and feeling more rested. I have started a yoga practice as well as meditation. When you start care with Dr. Mike, be patient and trust your instincts."

- Dennis C.

Network has changed my being.

"Network has changed my being. I am far more centered and focused in my life. I look at the world and people around me in a different light. No longer concerning myself with problems that arise but seeing them as inconveniences or just outcomes really. This is not a journey that starts and has an end. It is an ongoing process of development of soul and continued wonder. I frequently ask myself..”self…how good can it get?” And it just keeps getting better."

- Carol F.

Long term aches and pains are gone.

"Starting Network Care is probably the best thing I could have done for myself. Long term aches and pains are gone…new one go away in no time (even a minor car accident) Concerns from my family about my posture have stopped. They have noticed a huge difference and so have I. Emotional difficulties are more easily resolvable. Some are not even difficulties anymore. Soloman Chiropractic is not a traditional place. However, the treatment and philosophy make real sense to me. It also offers peace and an environment that allows me to recharge myself. I have and will continue to recommend Soloman Chiropractic to any one that wants to go on a wonderful journey, which can include healing, self-awareness, challenge, and fun."

- L.S.

Dr. Mike will assist you in reaching that place with more harmony.

"Physically, I have been able to feel the pain in my lower back dissipate. The twitched nerve that was constantly irritating has reduced tremendously. Emotionally I feel free to any emotions that were holding me in a resistance place. My spirit is lighter that affects my daily life. I’m more selective of what I choose to do…more activities to enhance my body, mind, and spirit. I’m tuning into my inner self more and realizing that the old patterns can be opened so new energy and thoughts can be reprogrammed in and release the old. Our body, mind and spirit is constantly growing and evolving. Dr. Mike will assist you in reaching that place with more harmony, balance and peace."

- Teresa M.

I am very grateful to my friend and Dr. Soloman

"Dr. Soloman was recommended to me by a fellow golfer. I was complaining about a sore neck and back, and we talked about how uncomfortable a traditional chiropractor’s adjustments made me feel. She proceeded to tell me about how wonderful this type of treatment made her feel and how it had improved her quality of life. I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try. I can’t explain how it works but I have twice the flexibility in my neck and no lower back pain. I am very happy to say I can now walk 18 holes of golf three to four times a week. I am very grateful to my friend and Dr. Soloman for helping me regain my pain free life!"

Jackie G.

It has changed my life.

"Physically – I have better range of motion, better posture, and NO PAIN on a daily basis. My hands and feet are no longer cold, and I am not ticklish any more! I can sleep in any position I want, even on my tummy. Emotionally – Calmer, better able to focus. The chatter inside my head is gone. More peaceful mentally. Daily – Better quality of sleeping and waking hours. More aware of my body’s needs. I’m nice to myself taking a “breath break” frequently when I’m working on projects. I’ve noticed the old posture stance…doesn’t feel good anymore…I want to stand up straight on both feet. What you should know about NSA..It is different from anything I’ve ever tried i the chiropractic world, and I have tried just about all of them! At first it seems “weird”, or “way out”, but after just one or two treatments I really did feel better..different. It has changed my life. Please keep an open mind and give it a fair chance. My brain may not understand it, but my body obviously does!”

- Julie H.

Oh yeah.. I don’t hurt I feel good!!

"One morning you wake up smiling and wonder what is different? Oh yeah.. I don’t hurt I feel good!!"

- Gayle E.

I am so very thankful for the work!

"Since I’ve been in regular care with NSA in combination with SRI, I’ve noticed that I don’t have the pain and stiffness I used to experience when I got out of bed every morning. The sciatica in my left leg has been alleviated unless I put myself under stress and then when I do, it goes away in one or two entrainments. I have also become more self-aware of what is actually happening in my body and my life. SRI has been a great companion with the NSA. It’s helped me understand how my breath affects my entrainments and I trust the process more. If I come to an SRI session feeling scattered and a victim of my emotions, this breath awareness can completely change my state and I feel focused and centered. I would advise to experience both. One is not the same without the other. I am so very thankful for the work!"

- N.S.

I recommend this type of care for everything that ails you!

"When asked what Network Chiropractic has done or what it is doing for me I respond by explaining that I entered into care to help cope with stress. I found that I process stress so quickly now. It is like the stress hits me in the face and I breathe in in and expel it out much quicker than I had before. I also walk taller and feel like I am walking on clouds each time I leave my appointment. I recommend this type of care for everything that ails you!"

- Janyce Z.

Greater flexibility in my neck!!

"Greater flexibility in my neck!! In any situation or with the task at hand or interaction with others there is no build up of stress like before allowing for a greater reservoir of energy. A calm demeanor. Sleep is more sound."

- Kevin S.

Thank you for your assistance.

"During my first month of work, my husband noticed I was easier to get along with. this feeling of calm has continued and the frequency of it has increased. As I moved through your practice and completed Level One of Care, I can more quickly recognize my emotions and thus have more choice how I express them. In Level Two of care, even as I notice a part of me fearing looking silly, I more easily choose to move into positions which my body requests of me so that I can process greater benefit from each gentle contact. In my simple yoga postures at home, I notice that more parts of my back are working in unison, which allows a more satisfying stretch. In the cobra pose I can suddenly raise my head and shoulders with less effort. Belly dancing is delightfully affected by my more flexible feet and ankles and better overall sense of balance. Thank you for your assistance in reconnecting me with my central nervous system and my entire body."

- Nadine C.

Feeling completely rejuvenated and de-stressed.

"No headaches for years, no sore muscles or lower back pain for years, feeling completely rejuvenated and de-stressed every time I leave. I sit up straight all the time, it hurts to slouch or lean, I move my computer up. I feel younger, more alive, peppier, my posture is much taller. People need to know this is not the usual chiropractic…their goal is to have you not come and be well and regain all your flexibility and strength on your own. It’s the only thing that works for the long haul. Your spinal cord is tight over time. With this loosening and removing/releasing tension, your nerves, muscles, and bones all relax! No physical therapy, no aspiring, no headaches for extended periods of time ever; even for me!"

- Karen O.

I am able to enjoy life again.

"When I started with Dr. Soloman, my depression was overwhelming, and had affected the quality of my life. After starting with Network Care, I found myself more serious about jogging, increased my vegetables and fruit, and mostly buy organic products. Then, I noticed my depressed episodes have decreased greatly where I am able to enjoy life again. I am at Level 2 now and planning to finish Level 3."

- Michael O.

Do I think it’s directly related to Dr. Soloman’s work…Absolutely!

"A week before i had my first visit with Dr. Soloman I was sure I was having a heart attack, instead I was diagnosed with “anxiety attacks”. Since that first visit 6 months ago, i have not only not had any more anxiety attacks, I have experienced body/mind changes that are amazing. I made a decision to stop taking HRT. I am walking taller, staying calmer, thinking with more clarity. Do I think it’s directly related to Dr. Soloman’s work…Absolutely!"

- S. Johnson

Thank you for relieving my pain, giving me more flexibility and de-stressing me!

"Before I started seeing Dr. Soloman, it felt like the whole right side of my body was tight, and had been that way for at least a year. I had pain shooting down my right leg, neck pain, and fluid built up in my knee. I have been seeing Dr. Soloman for about 8 weeks, now, and all these things have cleared up! I feel great, and when I park the care I can turn all the way around now.! I am also less stressed than I used to be. I am not getting that, “Omigod, there are not enough hours in the day” feeling nearly as much. Now, I am noticing that I have more patience while at work. I can handle more tasks at work, and get along better with my co-workers. Thank you for relieving my pain, giving me more flexibility and de-stressing me!"

- Christine T.

Physically I am more conscious of what my body is doing and feeling.

"Physically I am more conscious of what my body is doing and feeling. Recognize “aches” and “pains” as steps along the way to better health. Occasionally feel “throbbing” energy pathways and movement. Am really impressed with the changes in my posture both sitting and standing and the way I carry myself when walking. I’ve been told I look taller."

- Marcia L.

I have the power to heal, easily, effortlessly.

"A feeling of knowing I have the power to heal, easily, effortlessly. All concerns about my dissipate into nothing. My pain is still there, but it has ceased to be anything more than the experience of what it is in this moment. The future ceases and now is the only awareness."

- Laura M.

My life has been transformed!

"My life has been transformed! I look different, I feel different, I AM different! My husband, who knows nothing about this work has said, “I don’t know what Dr. Mike is doing with you, but I can really see an improvement!” the work is subtle…stay with it. You too will experience seemingly magical healing."

- J.B.

I felt completely relaxed and almost pain free.

"After a treatment by Dr. Soloman, I felt completely relaxed and almost pain free. My problem is an 87 year old aging body with deterioration in the lower spine. So I do not expect a cure, but appreciate relief. Dr. Soloman’s treatment taught my body to breathe deeply spontaneously. I continue to consciously take deep breaths when I am at rest..either sitting or lying down."

- Ruth M.

It must come from the tender care of adjustments.

"After I was diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4, I had several months of chemo. During that time and afterwards, I had entrainments. Chemo left me with the side effect of numbness in my feet and lower legs. I consulted a neurologist and he said that this was coming from the medications I was given and nothing could be done to help the situation. It is 7 months after my last chemo treatment. One day I went barefoot outside and to my amazement my feet signaled the hot concrete by me jumping and running into the house. Before this, I was not able to distinguish between hot and cold. If medicine could not help me, it must come from the tender care of adjustments that were given to me by Dr. Michael Soloman during the past months. Thank you."

- Helga R.

Thanks for helping me turn my life around!

"Thanks for helping me turn my life around! NSA has opened doors that I would have passed by without a second thought. I’m so grateful for that :)."

- Poteet D.

"I have just experienced another 'oasis of healing'."

"An appointment at the Soloman Center starts when I arrive in the covered parking space marked SC. AS I go up the front walk I anticipate a gentle entrainment from Dr. Mike. I am greeted by a smiling and welcoming front desk, and sign in. There are happy plants receiving sunlight. Attention to detail is evident everywhere..the color of the walls, the hooks to hang purses, a consulting room and wonderful music playing while Dr. Mike does his entrainments. After getting on the table i start my deep breathing, relax and ma ready to follow Dr. Mike’s suggestions as he signals what I am to do. It is a joint effort as I participate and allow the gates to open. I never feel rushed. There is a synergy in the room and a collective healing for one to five people as Dr. Mike moves about going from one to another and back again. How this works specifically I leave to Dr. Mike. I just know that I always feel better after an entrainment. I have been to Dr. Mike twice a week since January 2009. My life and joy and peace just keep growing. I can now say that I am truly happy most of the time. I am more in touch with my body and what it needs. I can recognize a bump in the road and deal with it more effectively. My life just keeps on getting better and better. Thank you Dr. Mike and staff for your competence, caring, and compassion. After a treatment I have a smile on my face and a spring to my step as I go out to deal with with the world again. I have just experienced another “oasis of healing” and for this I am truly grateful."

- Lucy M.

I believe the body fully knows how to heal.

"I believe the body fully knows how to heal. Network Care leverages and optimizes the re-organizational healing that happens naturally in this unique form of gentle care. Dr. Mike Soloman’s sincere interest in my well-being is heartfelt in every beneficial session. Network Care is my primary health insurance.. Thank you all."

- Anya M.

Best Chiropractor in Arizona.

"Dr. Mike is the best chiropractor in Arizona. I travel 2 1/2 hours to see him and it is well worth the trip. With Dr. Mike's excellent care I feel more confident,flexible, relaxed and can better handle all of life's ups and downs . I greatly appreciate all his skill and all the time and money he puts into continuing his education."

- Joanne H.


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